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Wand by We-Vibe™ is an ultra-powerful cordless body massager  with playful attachments, responsive technologies, and an ergonomic design that take it way beyond basics. 

Wand is completely waterproof, wireless and rechargeable, with integrated responsive technologies including seamless intensity control, Smart Silence™, touchscreen controls, and long-distance connectivity.  

Wand comes ready to play with two attachments so you can explore a range of sensations. The attachments, ergonomic design, flexible head, and We-Connect™ app all make this the perfect fit for couples looking to add something new to their collection. 


Product Features 

Seamless intensity levels: Seamless intensity control can take you from 0 to 100 (and anywhere in between) with one touch. The one-touch control acts like a dimmer switch, keeping you in the moment without distraction. 

Smart Silence: Smart Silence senses when Wand is close to you — turning the vibrations on when you’re ready to go and off as soon you’re ready to stop, without you having to fumble with any buttons. 

The Perfect Fit: Wand’s ergonomic design, playful attachments, and the We-Connect app make it the perfect fit for couples — or you can keep it all to yourself for an epic night in.



This is a modern wand with every feature you need. It’s powerful and also ergonomically designed to be easy to hold. It has a lever instead of a button that you can push up and down to control the vibrations.

It also has smart silence technology so it will vibrate when pressed against the skin and then turn off when released. It also comes with attachments to change the different types of stimulation.  

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