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The Vibe Boss

I’m a woman about to hit my 40s with a demanding and high-powered job, a husband and two kids. Behind my polished and professional exterior lies a very filthy and sexually curious mind, and a relentless sex drive largely sustained by a bedside drawer full of toys!

I am big on variety, love butt stuff and the no.1 thing on my sexual bucket list is to have a three some with two men. I largely identify as straight (but would never rule anything out) and as a switch (with a very, very slight preference for sub).



When I was asked to review the We-vibe Rave, I instantly had high expectations. As an enthusiastic user of the We-vibe Nova (a rabbit vibrator that literally transformed my life!), I know that We-vibe make great products that are comfortable, versatile and provide screaming O’s. I didn’t yet have a toy primarily a g-spot massager, so it would be filling a gap in my collection!

When I open the packaging (which, true to We-vibe’s form, is sleek and attractive), I am instantly confronted by the Rave’s unusual shape. Most G-spot vibes are fairly symmetrical with a narrow neck and a slightly convex but relatively flat, smooth round head that tilts in from the neck. This vibe is anything but symmetrical. In fact, it’s so crooked and asymmetrical that a friend actually asks if it has been bent in transit. It kind of looks like an eggplant emoji that got squashed by a peach in the shopping bag (it’s a dark purple colour). I instantly dub it ‘the Bent Eggplant’. But it turns out there’s a method to this madness. Read more…




Urban Bonsai

I’m a 39-year-old bisexual single mum. I often forget self-pleasure in the busy-ness of life but am determined to remedy that.



I had the pleasure of reviewing the Rave by We-vibe. I was impressed by the quality feel and design of the product as soon as I opened the package. A quick test of the on button revealed that it could cycle through a number of vibration styles and intensities efficiently from an easily reached position during play time. I was initially a bit cautious of the fact that the steady vibration setting was quite a way into the cycle of settings, as this has previously been my go-to during play time. Read more…








I’m a 31-year-old Sydney-sider, married, mum of two under four, have never used a sex toy ever before this.




I wasn’t too sure what to do with this when I opened it – which end goes in? Is this for solo or partner fun? Is there a remote? How vibe-y are we talking here?

Then the image on the back of the box got my attention. This little pocket rocket can be inserted to stimulate the g-spot while vibrating the clit and having sex at the same time.

Which pleasure Einstein invented this and where can I send fan mail!? I inserted this intriguing innovation and as expected, the external clit stimulation was nothing short of spectacular. My husband hesitantly came along for the ride inside. Read more…




Pleasure curious couple.



Unite by We-vibe was just as pleasurable as the name suggested! We thoroughly enjoyed using this toy, in fact taking our sex life to a whole new level!! It packed a punch of vibration fun for such a small toy. It comes with a remote and a discreet silk drawstring bag. Additionally, we can take in anywhere (when we can travel again), and will use it again and again.







Miss PM Plum

I’m a 39-year-old hetero woman, newly loved up with an equally enthusiastic embracer of pleasure-inducing toys. I’m not a first-time toy user, having bought my first at age 27, which is how I enjoyed my first ever orgasm. Lucky for me, orgasms are a regular occurrence these days, with and without the help of toys.

As a woman, embracing my own sexual pleasure and confidence developed slowly. In hindsight a little too slowly, so I encourage friends (and you!) to be curious, open-minded and explore their body (and their partner’s) which is why I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and dive into toy reviewing.



It’s called ‘Melt by We-vibe’ and oh boy did I melt.

First time using the Melt and I wanted to try it on my own so I could figure out the settings and how to use it etc before navigating the app and my partner controlling it. Like most clit stimulators, it very quickly gave me those warm pleasure vibes that radiate from the clitoris throughout my body. Keeping it on the lowest setting I felt myself reaching climax (in just a few minutes mind you), but what I wasn’t expecting was the literal flood that happened. A long explosive orgasm followed by an unstoppable force. That’s right. It turned me into a squirter. Read more…







I am a 22-year-old female and have just recently began exploring the world of sex and pleasure. It has been a slow process for me getting to this point but now I am more curious than ever.

I have never used sex toys before and could say that practically my sex life is vanilla but in theory I am down for anything and everything. I want to experience as much as possible; no matter how long it takes for me to gain confidence and turn my theoretical thinking into the action of practically doing.



My Secret Vibrating Lipstick is the perfect on-the-go quick fix for any woman craving that afternoon delight! The discreet packaging means nosy family members of yours will be unaware of the pleasure that awaits you.

Upon first look, the Screaming O is a vibrant pink and the discrete form of being in lipstick makes those uncomfortable with buying a vibrator, like myself, feel more comfortable with the idea of exploring self pleasure. Read more…







I am a 30-something female with a husband and a couple of kids. I enjoy trying sex toys for solo and couple play. It is important for me to promote positive sex to women, especially young women, and to normalise pleasure and self-love.


This discreet clitoral vibrator is a perfect present for a friend or bride-to-be. It literally looks like a mascara so can be easily placed in your handbag. If you are new to clitoral stimulation this is an introduction to the sensation with a small wand to target a specific area. The vibrations are strong and the vibrator comes ready to use. Buy this affordable vibrator for your best girl friend and have a giggle every time someone asks to borrow her mascara on a night out.





I’m in my 40’s and loving all the bedroom has to offer at this age, fluid with an open-minded hubby and family. Enjoys sex toys – on my own or with my partner.




My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Mascara… Well, it made me scream quickly! This was a lot of fun and is perfect vibrator to take on a family holiday in your makeup bag, kids have no idea. You can use it anywhere, anytime, with anyone, on your own or with a partner.

If you’re looking to test the waters with a clit stimulation vibration but don’t want to spend a lot of money, have some fun with this. Great speed option and power for something so small.







I am a young 51 (hehe!) retired performer. Love trying new things, very inquisitive.


I love the design and art work and that is easily USB charged. No more batteries which is great too. It is so discreet it looks like a portable phone charger I could forget to leave it out or put it in my handbag and no one would know what it is, hehe! Just myself and my sexy little secret. It is easy to use, just turn it on and with 20 functions, 10 speeds and 10 pulsating vibrations to choose from, there is so much choice for some stimulation for all your hearts desire. Read more…











Hetero married couple of 11 years with two children.



Married for more than a decade, both in professional industries. Two children. We have been together since we were teenagers and have really grow up together in a lot of ways. Certainly, already owners of a “naughty drawer,” but otherwise reasonably unadventurous. When asked to review the Doxy Massager. The immediate thought was “overwhelmed.” The size of the box, the size of the toy, the price tag! Read more…









Married for 15 years with a teenage son and minimal sex toy experience.



The night I received it I tore it open like a 5 yo at Xmas and sat on my bedroom floor bewildered… Way too powerful and scared me. Tucked it away until I could explore alone…  Over the weekend, I had some time and found myself playing with the settings and having a little guided tour all over my body.  Bam… We have a winner! Read more…









I’m a bisexual woman in her 30’s who has an adrenaline filled, faced paced, professional job. Little would you know that underneath the uniform is sexual deviant who is well versed with sex toys of all kinds and loves to spice things up in the bedroom. I’ll always try anything once, twice if I liked it, three times just to make sure.



I have used sex toys ever since I first became sexually active/curious. I really love how they spice things up in the bedroom and make your alone time so much better. I am a lover of all people and am currently dating a beautiful woman.

The Love Hamma is a fun and playful addition to the bedroom. It’s sleek texture and ribbed handle is just the perfect size to reach your g-spot. The vibrations in both the head and the handle are amazing and independently controlled which is a massive bonus. I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly I wanted to pick it back up and go again.