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Heart Wedge Merlot


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Perfectly contoured for the derriere, the Decor Heart Wedge provides a sweet incline for deeper penetration and G-spot positioning during lovemaking. This compact version of the Wedge combines passion with fashion as a positioning aid that doubles as a decorative pillow. Covered in ultra-soft velvish material, this design looks right at home on top of the bed.

  • Removable, machine-washable cover.
  • Moisture-proof liner prevents moisture from penetrating the foam interior.
  • Measurement in inches: 18L x 14W x 7H
  • Material: velvish – 100% polyester
  • Cover: machine-washable velvish
  • Liner: polyester
  • Foam: fully supportive polyurethane
  • Size: 68 x 22 x 22 in.



It’s not the karma sutra necessarily you need to be following, but making sure you get he right angels for you and your partner. By using something such as the heart wedge this is a way you can do that. Unlike normal pillows it holds it’s shape so if placed under someone to change an angel or support a body part, it won’t just collapse.

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