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Unite by We-VIBE



I’m a 31-year-old Sydney-sider, married, mum of two under four, have never used a sex toy ever before this.



I wasn’t too sure what to do with this when I opened it – which end goes in? Is this for solo or partner fun? Is there a remote? How vibe-y are we talking here…?

Then the image on the back of the box got my attention.

This little pocket rocket can be inserted to stimulate the g-spot while vibrating the clit and having sex at the same time.

Which pleasure Einstein invented this and where can I send fan mail!?

I inserted this intriguing innovation and as expected, the external clit stimulation was nothing short of spectacular. My husband hesitantly came along for the ride inside…

Unfortunately for him, it got in the way of the full soft, warm feeling he usually gets, given he was now sharing the territory with something else.

Internally for me, it was neither here nor there. Perhaps more positions could have been tried, but the real Sundae was the external vibration so I didn’t mind missing the internal cherry on top.

Solo, this is just as good. Hot tip: taking it out slightly so it’s not the entire way in was much more stimulating externally.

Overall, I’ll be using it more solo than “United” but I’m not complaining about that!