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Rave by We-Vibe


The Vibe Boss

I’m a woman about to hit my 40s with a demanding and high-powered job, a husband and two kids. Behind my polished and professional exterior lies a very filthy and sexually curious mind, and a relentless sex drive largely sustained by a bedside drawer full of toys!

I am big on variety, love butt stuff and the no.1 thing on my sexual bucket list is to have a three some with two men.

I largely identify as straight (but would never rule anything out) and as a switch (with a very, very slight preference for sub).




When I was asked to review the We-vibe Rave, I instantly had high expectations. As an enthusiastic user of the We-vibe Nova (a rabbit vibrator that literally transformed my life!), I know that We-Vibe make great products that are comfortable, versatile and provide screaming O’s. I didn’t yet have a toy that is primarily a G-spot massager, so it would be filling a gap in my collection!

When I open the packaging (which, true to We-vibe’s form, is sleek and attractive), I am instantly confronted by the Rave’s unusual shape. Most G-spot vibes are fairly symmetrical with a narrow neck and a slightly convex but relatively flat, smooth round head that tilts in from the neck. This vibe is anything but symmetrical. In fact, it’s so crooked and asymmetrical that a friend actually asks if it has been bent in transit. It kind of looks like an eggplant emoji that got squashed by a peach in the shopping bag.…(it’s a dark purple colour). I instantly dub it ‘the Bent Eggplant’.

But it turns out there’s a method to this madness.

If I’m honest, I don’t figure it out immediately. On my first few tries, I struggle to master the unusual shape. Which way is it meant to tilt? What angle should I be holding it at? The head and neck are thicker than I am used to from a toy (the Nova for example is quite narrow) and it takes a bit of time to adjust and get comfortable. But after twisting and rotating a few times, and giving it a good ol’ gentle but rhythmic thrust, I find an angle that is working for me. This makes me realise that this is a toy that is meant to work for lots of different shapes and angles, and which recognises that we aren’t all made the same.

My other immediate observation about the Rave is its power. When I turn it on, it’s like I have the vibrator equivalent of a Maserati in my vagina. The vibrations are STRONG. Which I like – I feel no need to turn it down. But if strong vibration isn’t for you, the Rave can easily be turned down a few notches until it’s a more gentle hum or tickle.

There are 10 different vibration patterns and I give them all a go but ultimately I am a constant vibration kind of gal – anything else is too big a tease and I tend to be impatient when I masturbate. Having said that, the setting that is a bit like waves going hard and then retreating before coming in hard again is good for a warm up!

Although the Rave is intended primarily to be used internally to massage the G-spot, I give it a bit of a go externally and boy am I glad I did. Unsurprisingly, with its power, it can be used with aplomb as a wand and the pointed edge around the crooked curved head is very effective at providing targeted and concentrated vibrations to the exact spot on my clit that is most sensitive. I cum in seconds.

Whilst very pleasurable, I find that I am struggling to get there using the Rave only internally. I suspect I have become too dependent on my Nova and really need both clitoral and G-spot stimulation at the same time. Recognising this preference, I add my clitoral air stimulator into the mix and holy shit, NOW WE ARE COOKING WITH GAS (or actually, should that be batteries?)!!!! Wow….. just adding that little bit of clitoral stimulation while the Rave is doing its thing takes things up a notch in spades. In not too long at all, I am having a long, intense screaming orgasm (my poor neighbours!) and just as I think it is subsiding I feel it coming (cumming?) back for a resounding encore. Don’t worry if you don’t have a clitoral toy, I am positive fingers would do the trick too!

The Rave is easy to turn up, turn down and switch between settings, is comfortable to hold and easy to clean. It is charged efficiently with a USB charger and slips into a slinky white satin bag to store. There is an app that it can be paired with (like other We-vibe products), which allows a partner to control your play remotely. Unfortunately I didn’t get around to trying that myself but it no doubt makes for good fun!

So all up, is this a Rave review? Almost – the Bent Eggplant has definitely grown on me over the last couple of weeks of use. I wasn’t sure at first but we’ve gotten to know each other and I can see the Rave fast becoming a go-to toy. My main observation is that its unusual shape lends itself to being a toy that can be used in lots of different ways to generate different sensations; so there’s bound to be something for everyone!