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Melt By We-Vibe


Miss PM Plum

I’m a 39-year-old hetero woman, newly loved up with an equally enthusiastic embracer of pleasure-inducing toys.

I’m not a first-time toy user, having bought my first at age 27, which is how I enjoyed my first ever orgasm. Lucky for me, orgasms are a regular occurrence these days, with and without the help of toys.

As a woman, embracing my own sexual pleasure and confidence developed slowly. In hindsight a little too slowly, so I encourage friends (and you!) to be curious, open-minded and explore their body (and their partner’s) which is why I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and dive into toy reviewing.



It’s called ‘Melt by We-vibe’ and oh boy did I melt.

First time using the Melt and I wanted to try it on my own so I could figure out the settings and how to use it etc before navigating the app and my partner controlling it.  Like most clit stimulators, it very quickly gave me those warm pleasure vibes that radiate from the clitoris throughout my body. Keeping it on the lowest setting I felt myself reaching climax (in just a few minutes mind you), but what I wasn’t expecting was the literal flood that happened. A long explosive orgasm followed by an unstoppable force.  That’s right. It turned me into a squirter.

I was so excited to tell my boyfriend and he was equally excited to witness it. So the next day, I put down some towels (yes, these are necessary) and I put on a show… This is what happened next from his perspective;

Everyone has heard of the mythical squirter. Sure I had seen “them” online, but was it real? I was a sceptic. I say was, because, Holy Hell – YES, it is real!  

 Almost from the first moment it touched her clit, her leg started shaking and her breathing started to speed up. Minutes later, my mind was blown. As she reached orgasm her back arched in that beautiful way it does and moans escaped her. I looked at her face for a split second, then back down. It was like Moses had stopped holding back the sea. Truly it looked like the flood gates had opened or someone had poured a cup of water over her vulva and the bed. It was soaked. My eyes went wide – what came next was amazing and surprising; a solid, super soaker blast-type squirt which would have hit me in the chest a couple of feet away if not for my arm accidently blocking it. It was incredible – as was the smile on her beautiful face! We will definitely be doing this again!

 My advice for others: Add this to your collection.

If I was to sum this toy up in 3 words: Surprising, Soaking, Fun.

We have since used the toy again during sex.  My partner said he could feel the vibrations as it sat on my clit, adding to both of our heavenly orgasms.  No squirting on this occasion, which I think had something to do with the position of the toy. (When it’s higher on my clit, I squirt.  When it’s lower, I don’t.)  It doesn’t over stimulate either, so I was able to use it twice within just a few minutes.

From a functional perspective, the Melt is made from soft silicon and is a lovely shape that’s easy to hold.  My only criticism is that the buttons to increase/decrease intensity are so beautifully integrated into the design that I sometimes struggle to find them in the moment and it can be hard to tell what level it’s at.  A very minor factor in what is an overall extremely pleasurable addition to the bedroom.

Whether using it alone or with a partner, grab a bunch of towels and definitely give this ago.