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"Crystal wand for ejaculation & orgasm"


This is a great glass wand to be able to explore female ejaculation and orgasm.



If you love our Sacred Squirter™, then you will love Octopussy! Designed by Rosie Rees to be slightly slimmer and longer in shape for people with vaginas who prefer less girth and more depth.

Shaped like a curved octopus tentacle with two ridges of pleasure bumps lining the shaft and a beautiful bulbous head, this pleasure wand will tantalise your Yoni. To learn the art of female ejaculation and g-spot orgasm, use the curled handle to gently manoeuvre the wand in and out of the vagina, pressing upwards on the g-zone erectile tissue, whilst simultaneously stimulating the clitoris. Make sure you’re sufficiently hydrated, lubricated & aroused and be sure to invest in one of our delicious, super-soft Waterproof Squirt Blanket to allow your flood gates open.

Octopussy is made of pure borosilicate glass, which is hypoallergenic, 100% body safe, temperature responsive and completely non-porous.


  • Octopussy Pleasure Wand measuring 18cm long x 3.2cm x 2.4cm. Circumference around thickest head is approximately 10.5cm. Penetrable depth 13.5cm
  • Gorgeous branded pouch for safe keeping
  • Discrete packaging
  • Eco wrapping


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