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"A couple's best friend"

This product needs a good explanation and I highly suggest you watch my video on it.

This is an entry level couple’s product which means it is worn internally by the woman with one arm resting on top of the clitoris and the other pressing internally on the g-spot. This can be worn by a woman for solo play but the strength of this design is that is can be worn during penis/vagina sex, ensuring dual stimulation, increasing the chances of a woman having a g-spot orgasm and an orgasm during penetration. Don?t worry it will fit, but you will need to ensure you use a decent about of lubricant. The benefit of the Unite is that it has a body hugging form and generally sits well internally. It also comes with a separate remote that can be used from 3 meters away.

It is a very quiet product, is splash proof, will run for 60 minuets at a time, has a two-year warranty and is made from body safe silicone being free from phthalates and BPA.

This is a very similar product to the we-vibe Synch with the difference being that the Unite is an entry level couple?s product and is cheaper in price, whilst the Synch has more functions such as moveable arms, being compatible with an app making it controllable from anywhere in the world and a slightly longer running time. The Synch come in aqua and purple whilst the Unite only comes in purple.

's Tip...

Ensure you use a water-based lubricant with this product and clean after each use.
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