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SD Tenga Original Vacuum Cup Strong (Hard)


"Designed for people who like the pleasure of the top"

TENGA SD HARD enhanced glans stimulates the TENGA SD, which is shorter than the general TENGA CUP, and you can enjoy the refreshing feeling of hitting to the bottom every time you collide. The vacuum sucking and covering of the vacuum cup is added, and the glans tip stimulation function is added, satisfying some men who like the feeling of inserting to the bottom.

The hardest and most flexible material, recommended for super long-lasting old drivers!

Designed for people who like the pleasure of the top, retaining the sucking power and firmness of the original DEEP THROAT CUP.

Concentrated to the top, the super-elastic large particles located at the deepest point can bring a powerful friction pleasure to the top
Please experience this tight wrap feeling straight into the deepest part!

Product Features:

  • The inner wrap is made of transparent soft rubber
  • Special complex structure
  • Super pleasure
  • With extra lubricating oil
  • Product weight: 120g
  • Features: enhanced front-end design, super elastic large particles
  • Body size: length 69 × width 69 × height 120 (mm/mm)
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SD Tenga Original Vacuum Cup Strong (Hard)

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