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On Chocolate (5ml)


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"Stimulating but sweet"

Disclaimer: this product is not a replacement for a chocolate craving, but it can enhance your sex life. As this is a product made from natural substances, the original flavour ON has an interesting taste and smell so the chocolate version is a lot easier on the senses. But, it’s not what this product smells like but what it does that is amazing. This is an all-natural arousal oil made from pure essential oils and extracts that when applied to the clitoris, greatly increases the sensitivity of that area. It’s great for partner play, oral sex and self-pleasuring. Not only does it increase the blood flow to that region, helping with sensitivity, it also can increase a woman’s natural lubrication.

Use one to two drops on the tip of the clitoris and wait a few moments till you feel a tingling sensation. It can also be used on the head of a man’s penis, however it was not what it was created for.

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