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"Making behinds sparkle"

Anal sex/play should not just done to please a partner but something enjoyed by everyone involved. We hear a lot these days about the dangers of anal sex, but that’s because so many look at porn for advice and don’t take the right and safe steps to back door fun. One way to prepare is to get used to the sensation and open up the back passage with something such as an anal plug.

This is a set of three medical grade silicone plugs, finished off with a gem like stone at the end. Because why shouldn’t anal play be fun and sparkly?

This is a great kit to assist with anal play but also itself serves as product to enhance stimulation. The plugs can be used to get used to a fuller sensation, receive pleasure from that fullness or in conjunction with other sexual acts.

Please note that nothing should be inserted into the anus that does not have a handle or a flared base. This is for the very good reason as a product can be lodged inside and require medical attention to be retrieved.

's Tip...

Ensure you use a water-based lubricant with this product and clean after each use.
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