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Panthra Zane Geisha Balls


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This is a fun way to tone your pelvic floor muscles and combine it with a love of leopard print.


Train your pelvic floor muscles with the Zane love balls and enjoy more stimulation and more intense orgasms! The balls are easy to insert in the vagina with some water-based lubricant. The pelvic floor muscles will tense to keep the toy inside the vagina, thus training the muscles. Wear the toy every day for 20 minutes for the best result.

Both balls feature a counterweight on the inside that rolls back and forth with every movement. This provides extra stimulation during use. The balls are easy to remove after use thanks to the practical pull cord. The balls can be removed from the silicone cover, so they can also be used on their own. Clean the balls and the cover after every use with lukewarm water and toy cleaner.

Product Features:

Easy to Insert
Trains Pelvic floor muscles
Counterweighted Balls
Practical Pull cord
Movement creates stimulation

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