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Kesia Butt Plug Set


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This is a fun and very practical anal plug set. You have the fun of the leopard print but the practicality of the different sizes which is always great to be able to work you way up or when you have a different desire for a different size. It all comes in a leopard print back so you can keep it together and also clean and private.


The Kesia butt plug set contains 3 butt plugs in varying sizes. Start with the smallest plug and slowly work your way up to the middle and largest plug over time. Always use water-based anal lubricant to make inserting a butt plug easier and more comfortable. Clean the plugs thoroughly after every use with lukewarm water and toy cleaner.



Length: 10 cm
Insertable: 8.5 cm
Max. diameter: 3 cm

Length: 11.5 cm
Insertable: 10 cm
Max. diameter: 3.8 cm

Length: 13 cm
Insertable: 11.5 cm
Max. diameter: 4.6 cm

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