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"Hands-free self-thrusting pulsator"

This might look like a vibrator but in fact it is a hands-free self thrusting pulsator. This product is great for solo play and for couples as there is nothing better than stimulating the area first.

The Stronic Surf’s ripples, massage hotspots along the front and back walls of the vagina, including the often-neglected perineal sponge, a section along the back wall that’s rich in nerve endings. More stimulation of this area allows for a more intense orgasm and a higher chance of experiencing one.

The Stronic Surf is part of the pPulsator II line of slimmer, lighter, sleeker thrusting toys. By popular demand, Fun Factory engineers shrunk their patented pulsator technology to make a line of toys that are slim enough for comfortable everyday use without sacrificing the feeling of fullness.

The Stronic Surf is also known as a hands-free product. Thrusting back and forth on its own, in ten different settings, from a steady pulse to a wild rhythm. Simply place it in and allow the weighted pulsation moving back and forth do all the work. The Surf’s unique technology is nearly silent. No need to crank up the music or hide under the blanket when aiming for pleasure.

Fun Factory have very easy buttons to use, with an on/off button and a plus and minus to change the levels of pulsation. It’s also rechargeable. There is a travel lock for those who like to take their toys away and it provides 45 minutes of play on the highest speed.

This product is made from body safe materials, is non-porous and hypoallergenic, waterproof and comes with a two-year warranty.

The difference between the Stronic Surf and the Stronic G is the appearance of the ridges on the Stronic Surf.

's Tip...

Ensure you use a water-based lubricant with this product and clean after each use.
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