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"When size does matter"

Sometimes, size does matter. For any men currently getting their head around this, some women on occasion need that sensation of fullness which can also help in conjunction with the assistance of the right curve that the Big Boss has, to really stimulate the g spot. The thing I do love about this product is what they call the ergonomic control. I call it “a great and convenient handle to hold at the bottom, even when your hand is covered in lube?”. It boats 12 vibration programs; however, I don?t think it’s the vibration patterns you will be buying it for (does anyone ever use those except up and down anyway?).

The most notable features of this product are: the quick stop function when you press the FUN button because who wants it to have something vibrating next to you on the bed after the big O is achieved? Key lock for discreet travel because that could be embarrassing, 100% waterproof for a playful shower, medical grade silicon because you should be taking note of what goes into your body and a 2-year warranty.

This is a great product for singles but also couples who want a different element in the bedroom.

's Tip...

Ensure you use a water-based lubricant with this product and clean after each use.
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