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We have coaches for many different areas. Our fitness, health, life in general and our businesses. So why not for our love lives too?

Relationships are not easy. No one teaches us how to be in them. No one teaches us how to date. Most people receive mediocre sex education and then learn the rest from experience, porn and searching online. It’s no wonder so many people feel a bit lost navigating these areas of their life. This is not about resolving deep trauma or issues from the past but helping someone get to where they want to be with this area of their life. Relationship Coaching and Consulting is about helping someone to identify any obstacles or barriers whilst giving advice and assisting them to create the romantic and sexual life they want.  

Whether it be assisting you through a particular area you are stuck with, giving more advice and information to help you resolve a problem, helping you spice things up in your love life or helping you to find the right bedroom product for you, I’m here to help.


Please note:

Coaching and consultancy is not therapy nor should be seen as a replacement for it. Appropriate medical and mental healthcare will be recommended in cases that fall outsides the bounds of coaching and consultancy.


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