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Scandal Posture Collar With Cuffs Red


"Seductive & sexy collar & cuffs"

Modelled after a corset, it’s plush double-padded interior allows the submissive supreme comfort. If you’re in the mood to walk around with a naughty little secret, detach the chains to wear the collar and cuffs as statement accessories. They’re soft and ultra-padded on one side with alluring designer fabric on the other—great for kinky play and one-of-a-kind outfit accessories alike.

The heavy-duty dangling metal chains will hold you hopelessly in place, at the mercy of your lover’s desires. Or, take control and clasp your submissive’s wrists and ankles to their firmly bound neck, to the bedposts, or anywhere your imagination takes you. The sensual lace-up design allows the collar to grasp your neck with the firmness that gets you going, while the flexibility of the fully detached cuffs allows a truly personalized play experience. Take the reins and lace your lover’s neck into this beautiful collar. The possibilities are endless, so wrap them around your lover’s wrists and let your fantasies come to life.


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Scandal Posture Collar With Cuffs Red

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