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Scandal Corset Cuffs Red


"Cuffs with sexy style"

Lace yourself up with this naughty Scandal Corset Cuffs. You won’t be able to help but feel sexy when you slip on these sensuous red and black brocade lace-up cuffs. Reminiscent of the classic corset, they’re totally adjustable and can be used to restrain both wrists and ankles. Unlike most cuffs, they come complete with an 8-inch long, heavy duty chain and easy-reach universal clasps: Your lover can let their imagination go wild and comfortably restrain your hands behind your back, around the bed posts, beneath a desk… or even held tightly inside the dominant’s hand.

Inside of the cuffs are incredibly soft and plushy, so your wrists and ankles will stay comfortable and protected. The adjustable Velcro closures let the submissive pick just how tightly they want to be restrained and ensure a perfect fit for every body type. Let your imagination run wild tonight and unleash your deepest, dirtiest desires.

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