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My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Lipstick



I am a 22-year-old female and have just recently began exploring the world of sex and pleasure. It has been a slow process for me getting to this point but now I am more curious than ever.

I have never used sex toys before and could say that practically my sex life is vanilla but in theory I am down for anything and everything.

I want to experience as much as possible; no matter how long it takes for me to gain confidence and turn my theoretical thinking into the action of practically doing.



My Secret Vibrating Lipstick is the perfect on-the-go quick fix for any woman craving that afternoon delight! The discreet packaging means nosy family members of yours will be unaware of the pleasure that awaits you.

Upon first look, the Screaming O is a vibrant pink and the discrete form of being in lipstick makes those uncomfortable with buying a vibrator, like myself, feel more comfortable with the idea of exploring self pleasure. It is whisper quiet with three speed settings as well as a pulse allowing the user to slowly build and intensify her orgasm. The pulse setting allows for a break up from the continuous buzzing which increases the desire to reach climax. This product is perfect to use alone or with a partner for double the pleasure. The Screaming O is simply too good to keep a secret!