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LoveBuzz Positive Angle


I am a young 51 (hehe!), retired performer. Love trying new things, very inquisitive.



I love the design and art work and that is easily USB charged. No more batteries which is great too. It is so discreet it looks like a portable phone charger I could forget to leave it out or put it in my handbag and no one would know what it is, hehe! Just myself and my sexy little secret.

It is easy to use, just turn it on and with 20 functions, 10 speeds and 10 pulsating vibrations to choose from, there is so much choice for some stimulation for all your hearts desire.

The angle tip was great to hit the right spot for clitoral stimulation, it was easy to navigate and using the functions while pleasuring myself made it easy to use, just one button to press, not like others trying to navigate too many buttons. It glides easily too which made it more pleasurable.

I love love love this product. The technology of these toys have come a long way and even the design and art work is easy on the eye.