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Doxy Massager


Hetero married couple of 11 years with two children.




Married for more than a decade, both in professional industries. Two children. We have been together since we were teenagers and have really grow up together in a lot of ways. Certainly, already owners of a “naughty drawer,” but otherwise reasonably unadventurous.

When asked to review the Doxy Massager. The immediate thought was “overwhelmed.” The size of the box, the size of the toy, the price tag! It had a lot of things which were immediately a lot to take in (pardon the pun, although it isn’t that kind of toy).

The second thought was, isn’t this the one from that scene in Sex and the City? The first big tick for this item was the 240v plug. Having two kids, it isn’t possible to have toys sitting out on charge – which often results in mid action battery death. Next bonus was, as the scene in Sex and the City says, it is actually a massager!

So for a couple it is a seamless transition from the infamous massage, to where that invariably leads! Also due to its size, its dual purpose makes it more discreet. The speed selection was great and the large embossed buttons made it easier to feel your way between the buttons. It can certainly vary the experience from literal seconds to much, much longer… or both… or many times over.

It is definitely a new sensation, most akin to a deep rumbling, but very quiet for the power. It was something different from any other toy we have experienced. In our view it is thoroughly worth the price tag, there are benefits, both massage and sexual, to both partners.